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SPRECKELS, Claus (1828-1908)

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SPRECKELS, Claus, called the Sugar King (1828-1908). German-American, sugar manufacturer, b. Lamstedt, Germany. To U.S. (1846), and San Francisco (1856); in sugar business (from 1863); secured virtual monopoly of manufacture and sale of sugar on Pacific coast; developed sugar plantations in Hawaiian Islands. His oldest son John Diedrich (1853-1926) superintended family sugar properties in Hawaii (1876); founded J.D. Spreckels & Brothers Company, shipping and commission merchants (1880), operating Oceanic Steamship Co. between Hawaii and U.S.; settled at San Diego (1887) and interested himself in its development. Associated in business with J. D. Spreckels were two of his brothers Adolph Bernard (1857-1924) and Rudolph (1872-1958).

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