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MORGENTHAU, Henry (1856-1946)

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MORGENTHAU, Henry (1856-1946), German-American, lawyer and diplomat, born in Mannheim, Germany. Morgenthau was taken to the U.S. at the age of nine and later educated at the College of the City of New York and at Columbia University. He practiced law in New York City from 1879 to 1899, and in 1905 he founded and became president of the Henry Morgenthau Co., a realty concern. In 1913 he was appointed ambassador to Turkey; after the entry of that country into World War I, he assumed charge of the Turkish interests of Great Britain, France, Russia, and other Allied nations. He was chairman of the Greek Refugee Settlement Commission formed by the League of Nations in 1923. Among his writings are Ambassador Morgenthau's Story (1918), All in a Lifetime (1922), and I Was Sent to Athens (1929).

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