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MÖLLHAUSEN, Heinrich (1825-1905)

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MÖLLHAUSEN, Heinrich Balduin (1825-1905), born in Germany near Bonn.  He made three trips to America: 1849-1852, 1853-1854, 1857-1858.  On his first trip he accompanied the expedition of Prince Paul of Württemberg to the Rocky Mountains.  On the second he was a topographical artist to Lt. A. W. Whipple's surveying expedition along the 35th parallel from Arkansas to California, and the third he was a member of Lt. J. C. Ives' expedition to explore the Colorado River.  Some of Möllhausen's sketches were lithographed for the official expedition reports.  Many more illustrated his writings, describing his American experiences: "Diary of a journey from the Mississippi to the coast of the Pacific" (London 1858) and "Reisen in die Felsengebirge Nord-Amerikas" (Leipzig 1861). Möllhausen also wrote many novels and short stories, illustrated with drawings from his travels.

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