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LEUTZE, Emanuel Gottlieb (1816-1868)

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LEUTZE, Emanuel Gottlieb (1816-1868). German-American painter, born in Gmünd, Württemberg. Leutze was brought to United States as a child. He was reared in Philadelphia and studied painting there.  In 1841 returned to Germany to study at Düsseldorf.  An excellent draftsman, he soon gained a high popular esteem.  He combined originality of thought, dramatic force and sufficient skill.  In 1859 returned to America to carry out his commission in the Capitol. Studio in Germany (1841-59) and in New York and Washington, D.C. (from 1859). During the last ten years of his life he divided his time between Washington and New York City. Known for historical paintings, especially Washington Crossing the Delaware (1851), Westward the Course of Empire Takes its Way (1860, in the Capitol, Washington, D.C.), Cromwell and Milton, The Landing of the Norsemen, The Settlement of Maryland.

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