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JACOBI, Abraham (1830-1919)

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JACOBI, Abraham (1830-1919). German-American physician, b. Hartum, Westphalia. To U.S. (1853); professor, N.Y. Medical Coll. (1860-65), U. of City of N.Y. (1865-70), Coll. of Physicians and Surgeons (1870-1902); established first children' s clinic in U.S. (1860); helped found (1862) American Journal of Obstetrics; considered founder of pediatrics in U.S. His wife (m. 1873) Mary Corinna PutĚnam \'pet-nem\ (1842-1906), daughter of George Palmer Putnam, was also a physician; associate of Elizabeth Blackwell at Woman' s Med. Coll., N.Y. (1871-89). Author of The Value of Life (1879), Essays on Hysteria, Brain-Tumor, etc. (1888), "Common Sense" Applied to Woman Suffrage (1894).

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