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German Achievements in America

German Achievements in America
by Rudolf Cronau (1916)

NOTE:  Copyright on the original work has expired.

  1. Introduction
  2. Mediaeval Germany and the Causes of German Emigration
  3. German Predecessors of the Puritans
  4. Pastorius and the Settlers of Germantown
  5. The Coming of the Palatines
  6. The Life of the German Settlers in Colonial Times
  7. Promoters of the Cause of Liberty
  8. Heroes in the War of Independence
  9. Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben, the Organizer of the American Army
  10. Pioneers of the Ohio Region
  11. Pioneers of the Mississippi Valley and the Far West
  12. The Men of 1848
  13. Distinguished Germans in American Politics
  14. The German Americans in the Wars of the 19th Century
  15. Leaders in Agriculture, Industry and Commerce
  16. The North American Turner Bund and its Influence on the Physical Development of the American Nation
  17. The Influence of German Learning and Methods on Education in the US
  18. Eminent Scientists
  19. Great Engineers
  20. Organizers of American traffic and Transportation
  21. The German-American Press
  22. Noteworthy Authors and Poets
  23. German Music and Song in America
  24. The German Drama and Opera in the US
  25. Well-known Artists, Sculptors and Architects
  26. German-American Women and their Works
  27. Monuments of Philanthropy
  28. The National German American Alliance and its Purposes
  29. The Future Mission of the German Element in America
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Dr. Don Heinrich Tolzmann:

"Rudolf Cronau provides a concise overview of German-American history to the time of the First World War.  Rudolf Cronau was not only an historian and freelance journalist for the German press, but also an artist who had studied at the art academy in Duesseldorf, his works usually contain numerous illustrations, and pay particular attention to German-American culture, especially literature, music, and the arts."

Don Heinrich Tolzmann
Curator of the German-Americana Collection
Director of the German-American Studies Program
University of Cincinnati

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