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The Word about Gold spreads

Sutter: The Word about Gold spreads and his Empire gets Destroyed

Some six weeks later a teamster, who called at the sawmill heard of the discovery and spread the news. The result was that nobody was willing to work. The crops went unharvested, the land invaded by squatters, the cattle stolen and slaughtered. In two weeks the cities of Monterey and San Francicso lost a thrid of thier population. Above all, there was no legal redress.

During the rush of 1849-50, a party of five men from Missouri killed and sold $60,000 worth of his cattle and by January 1, 1852, all of his horses, cattle and hogs were appropriated by trespassers on his property.

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Prominent Americans of Swiss Origin, Swiss-American Historical Society, James T. White & Co., New York 1932

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