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Sutter receives Mexican Citizenship

Sutter: Sutter receives Mexican Citizenship and
the Rights to his Land "New Helvetia"

Returning to Monterey in June, 1841, he was formally made a Mexican citizen, received from Governor Alvarado a grant of 11 leagues of land near his settlement called "New Helvetia," appointed military commander of Northern California and alcalde (governor) of the same district. A letter written in English by Sutter to Alvarado on this subject is preserved.

In that same year, Alexander Ratchoff, governor of the Russian possessions, known as "Ross and Bodega" near San Fran-cisco Bay, offered to sell these colonies to Sutter. With the instinct of a shrewd business man, Sutter negotiated the purchase for $30,000, to be paid in installments covering a period of four years. The purchase included several thousand head of livestock, a schooner of 180 tons, small arms, and several pieces of ordnance.

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