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The 1848ers

The 1848ers

"When the Revolution of 1848 in Prussia, along with upheavals in minor German states led to the convening of a German National Assembly in Frankfurt's Paulskirche, the aspirations of middle-class liberates toward national unity, civil liberties and democracy seemed at first to be nearing fulfillment. But their revolutionary hopes of transforming the loose "German Confederation" into a unified and democratically constituted "German Empire" were soon dashed by the conservative-minded establishment, and reaction triumphed. Of the liberal nationalists who now became political refugees, over four thousand went into exile in America, the country whose revolutionary ideals had served them as an example."

The German Forty-Eighters in America: 150th Anniversary Assessment by Don Tolzmann

The Men of 1848An introductory by Rudolf Cronau from his book German Achievements in Amerika.

Unity and Justice and Freedom: The German Revolution of 1848/49by the German Information Center

The Revolutions of 1848

Forty-Eighters and Nativists

Civil War and Reconstruction

Related Information:

Some known 1848ers and others:

Karl Beck
Lorenz Brentano
Caspar Butz
Karl Daniel Douai
Karl Follen
Joseph Grund
Friedrich Hassaureck
Friedrich Hecker
Karl Heinzen
Friedrich Kapp

Theodor Kirchhoff
Gustav Körner
Konrad Krez
Hans Kudlich
Franz Lieber
Thomas Nast
Max Oertel
Peter Osterhaus
Oswald Ottendorfer
Hermann Raster
Johann August Roebling

Karl Eberhard Salomo
Karl Schurz
Georg Seidensticker
Franz Sigel
Julius Stahel
Johann Bernhard Stallo
Carl Steinmetz
Gustav von Struve
Max Weber
August Willich

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